Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekend Update

It was a busy week.

Yet it was a decent week. I was able to keep up with the goals I had for the week, especially the living room and it wasn't until last night...when all 4 of us were home that the living room wasn't looking good when I went to bed. The kitchen sink is full but that's not a huge detriment since I just loaded the dishwasher this morning and now it's clean again. I have been keeping up with the pots and pans and big stuff so the little stuff is so much easier now. I think I am making progress.

I am making enough progress that I feel like I am ready to start a 3rd weekly goal. Now when I set a new goal I am not giving up the first 2 I am simply adding another layer, flavor to the cleanie stew I am making. I haven't set it yet...that's for Monday...but I think it's going to have something to do with laundry. I really slacked off with the laundry this week and I need to get better. It may also have to do with the bathroom...I just can't decide. I may ask Dan what he thinks I should work on next.

Speaking of Dan, he is noticing my hard work and I think he is appreciating it too. Though he still is unhappy when shoes aren't where he thinks they need to be and so he hides them...I found my favorite pair for work hidden between the front door and the screen this morning...but that's another ball of wax. The kids are also helping more around the house. It's so great to have good little helpers.

So that's this week in a nutshell...progress is being made, progress still needs to happen but I am happy with the changes and looking forward to changing my thinking even more!

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