Saturday, January 16, 2010


Do you ever need motivation to begin a job you really don't want to tackle? I know I certainly do.

Well this week I got motivation in the least likely of areas and it has turned into a good thing.

Motivator #1...Jaron

Jaron wanted to help clean the living room on Thursday night...more importantly he wanted to vacuum. So he started vacuuming and that's when I discovered the big bad clog. It was his desire to vacuum that really got me to work on fixing it. And I fixed it...I've actually got some mad skills.

Motivator #2...The Remote

Last night, we had takeout for dinner, and after doing a few things and the 3 hours of Super Mario Bros, I decided that the kids needed a break and Dan and I deserved some TV time. We tape some shows during the week to watch together on the weekends and it was nearing bedtime for the kiddos so it was the grown ups turn. The remote is missing. Gone, can't find it...

So for the next hour and a half we go through the living room, putting things away, cleaning behind furniture, cleaning out crumbs and all the bits that can fall into a couch...all to find the remote. We got 3 of the four walls done last needed to be done and since we were moving furniture it was a good time to do it. Still couldn't find the remote. By this time it's getting late and the kids and I are tired...I had already put in a full day at work and just wanted to Dan jokingly asks...Did you check the kids backpacks...well, I check Jaron's backpack...not there...go into the black hole which is Janea's backpack and BINGO! The lost remote is in there...she had taken it to school.

So my weekly goal of cleaning the living room daily got an extra large shot in the arm. The living room is further along that it was and the missing item is found...all in all a tiring yet productive evening.

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