Thursday, January 14, 2010

Proper Tools

In order to meet a goal, one needs proper tools.

I have tools to help me clean my living room. I have 2 little people who make messes and get to clean up their stuff. I also have a vacuum cleaner to help me with all the little pieces that fall from our feet, hands, mouths, noses...etc...except my vacuum cleaner wasn't really cleaning all that well. In fact when I turned it off it would spit out dust and dirt and the top was getting really I went investigating.

I dismantled the hose...and looked down to a great big pile of yuck...jam packed full, I checked my's empty...I check where the hole to the hose is and felt in it's full to the end of the vacuum. I start pulling out stuff...yuck, crumbs, dirt and get it unjammed and go to vacuum thinking I have solved the's still not going up into the bag...what's the deal???

I take apart the area where the vacuum meets the bag...and blow into the hose to see if air is moving...I blow...nothing...I blow harder...still I try to reach fingers are too fat! I"m can I fix this...I think, I look for a coat hanger to dismantle but I have no metal ones....I keep thinking...and then it hits me..BAM! I can use the plumbing I get it and start threading into my vacuum hose...and it gets stuck...I move it around and wrestle it and bang it on the floor and out pops an army man and kleenex...all wadded up in a big pile of yuck...that's what's been clogging my vacuum cleaner...

I reassemble my vacuum, plug it back in and Voila! It's working like a charm! It's amazing what some elbow grease, ingenuity, and just sheer frustration can do for a person. Now my tool to help me meet my goal is working again! Thank Goodness!

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