Thursday, April 1, 2010

So Nice

The kids had Spring Break this week.

I had Spring Break 2 weeks ago and thouroughly enjoyed my time off work and some quality me time. Since the kids are on a different school schedule from me, Dan and I both decided to use some personal and vacation time from work in order to enjoy being together as a family. I have a great boss who is completely supportive of my family and she was great in giving me both Tuesday and Thursday off of work this week. Friday is Good Friday and I already had the day off so it all fit together nicely.

It's been so nice to have my husband home in the evenings. Dan works second shift at his job and so we don't see him at night except on the weekends. He's been getting up earlier and making sure that he is spending quality time with the family. Monday we went out for dinner and then went and flew kites in the field behind our church. Tuesday, we went and saw a movie with Janea, she had won a prize of a movie date for reading in school, we saw "Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Lightning Thief" . It was okay. I liked the books so much better. Wednesday he took the kids to the store to buy a few things and they bought me some pretty spring tulips...and today I think we may go bowling. It's been a blessing to be together as a family.

Dan and I are also feeling closer than we have in a long time. God is really opening our eyes to areas where we both struggle and fail in supporting one another and we are trying to work on these areas and be much more considerate of one another. It's definitely a process and one that can be challenging at times but it's so worth it and I am thankful for the opportunity to grow and mature with the man I love.

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