Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Petty Thinking over a Hamburger

Last night was rough.

I was in a mood. An irritated mood. An oh my goodness I'm so mad I could spit nails kind of mood.

It all started with a hamburger. yes, a hamburger. My co-workers decided that on their joint planning period that they would go and get a hamburger because they were hungry. That's fine, they are entitled to do that and I would not have been upset or frustrated if they had asked me if I wanted one. But they didn't ask. They just disappeared on their break and left the building without telling us why. They are grown women and they can do that but when I am craving something and making a run outside of the building I usually ask if anyone wants something, and they didn't do that. Now here's the kicker, they got caught in traffic! So their jaunt for a hamburger turns into a stressful situation for me...my class is supposed to go to P.E. and their class still is in P.E. because they aren't back yet, and no one know where they went...and they are caught in traffic. OH JOY...chaos and delay are no apparent, and I really need my planning period because my stressful student has just created a stressful situation and I need a break...RIGHT NOW...so I can calm myself down...and now I can't leave my kids with the specials teacher...and IT MADE ME SO MAD! I was furious at the whole situation.

Now what I wanted to do was throw a pity party...and to be honest I sorta did, but I also worked out, made food for the kids and relaxed. And by 10 this morning I was no longer angry!

So that is my confession of how a hamburger made me upset...I think it was a little bit hamburger and alot PMS...see I would have said no to a hamburger because I wasn't really hungry and I am trying not to spend a lot of money this week so I can buy my birthday present this weekend...more on that later. I was more bothered by the lack of asking than I was on them getting a hamburger...I really can be petty some times.

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